• Ashruta Acharya

    Ashruta Acharya

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Institutions and Development, Financial Economics

  • Yahya A. Alshamy

    Yahya A. Alshamy

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Institutional economics, political economy, defense and peace economics


  • Shams Bahabib

    Shams Bahabib

    Office Manager

  • Duman Bahramirad

    Duman Bahramirad

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Matt C Baker

    Matt C Baker

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Ben Baldanza

    Ben Baldanza

    Adjunct Faculty

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Susannah Emily Barnes

    Susannah Emily Barnes

    Graduate Research Assistant

    International Economics, Austrian Economics, Public Choice

  • Jonathan P. Beauchamp

    Jonathan P. Beauchamp

    Assistant Professor

    Genoeconomics, Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics

  • Rachael K Behr

    Rachael K Behr

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Austrian economics, economic sociology, political economy

  • Sire T Bennett

    Sire T Bennett

    Eminent Scholar

    Labor economics and political economy

  • Max Benzel

    Max Benzel

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Markus Brun Bjoerkheim

    Markus Brun Bjoerkheim

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Applied Economics, Public Choice, Law and Economics, Social Network Analysis, History of Economics

  • Peter J Boettke

    Peter J Boettke

    University Professor

    Austrian economics, institutional economics, and comparative economics

  • Donald J Boudreaux

    Donald J Boudreaux


    Making economics clear and compelling to broad audiences, teaching, international trade, antitrust, law and economics, public choice

  • Nick Ray Brown

    Nick Ray Brown

    Graduate Research Assistant



  • Suria Dauod

    Suria Dauod

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Yue Deng

    Yue Deng

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Health Economics, Industrial Organization

  • Desiree Desierto

    Desiree Desierto

    Affiliate Faculty

    Political Economy, Corruption, and Institutions

  • Hugo Ernesto Diaz Sanchez

    Hugo Ernesto Diaz Sanchez

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Colin Robert Doran

    Colin Robert Doran

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Amberly E Dozier

    Amberly E Dozier

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Empirical Economics, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization

  • Jason Dunick

    Jason Dunick

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Associate Chair

    Associate Professor

    labor economics, education policy, economics of development, and undergraduate pedagogy in economics




  • Marcel Dumas Gautreau

    Marcel Dumas Gautreau

    Graduate Lecturer

    Austrian Economics, Economics of Institutions, Development Economics, Public Choice.

  • Vincent J. Geloso

    Vincent J. Geloso

    Assistant Professor

    My research interests include: economic history, the measurement of living standards in historical perspective and political economy.

  • Mary Getsey Bernier

    Mary Getsey Bernier

    Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Jeffrey D Giliam

    Jeffrey D Giliam

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Media Economics, Industrial Organization, Political Economy

  • Stephen Gillespie

    Stephen Gillespie

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Nitish Gobin

    Nitish Gobin

    Graduate Lecturer

    International Trade, Central Bank Independence and Government Intervention

  • Timothy Groseclose

    Timothy Groseclose


    Public choice, game theory, sports economics

  • Shan Gui

    Shan Gui

    Graduate Research Assistant



  • Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson

    Graduate Coordinator

    PhD Academic Advisor

  • Noel D Johnson

    Noel D Johnson

    Associate Professor

    My research interests include: The historical origins of modern liberal institutions. The relationship between state capacity and economic growth. The impact of environmental shocks on institutional change and economic outcomes. Applied Econometrics with a particular emphasis on spatial data. Identification and Causality.

  • Garett Jones

    Garett Jones

    Associate Professor

    Macroeconomics, economic growth, monetary economics, economics of institutions, behavioral economics, public choice


  • Adam Kaiser

    Adam Kaiser

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Zach Kessler

    Zach Kessler

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Computational economics, macroeconomics, political economy, agent-based modeling, economic development, network theory, industrial organization, complexity

  • Daniel B Klein

    Daniel B Klein


    Policy economics, political economy, political culture, economic characterology, Adam Smith, Mercatus affiliation

  • Mark Koyama

    Mark Koyama

    Associate Professor

    Economic History


  • ikram lalmi

    ikram lalmi

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Karras J Lambert

    Karras J Lambert

    Graduate Lecturer

    Austrian Economics & Development Economics

  • Peter T. Leeson

    Peter T. Leeson

    Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law

  • Jayme Lemke

    Jayme Lemke

    public choice economics, institutional analysis, political economy of women’s rights

  • David M Levy

    David M Levy


    Econometrics, history of economic thought

  • Duan Liu

    Duan Liu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics


  • Satya Ramdas Marar

    Satya Ramdas Marar

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Gareth Markel

    Gareth Markel

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Genoeconomics, Computational economics, Applied econometrics, Experimental economics

  • Cesar A Martinelli

    Cesar A Martinelli


    Economic theory, game theory, political economy, experimental economics

  • Kevin A McCabe

    Kevin A McCabe


    Experimental Economics, Neuroeconomics, Computational Economics

  • Nick J McFaden

    Nick J McFaden

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Kelcie McKinley

    Kelcie McKinley

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • William McNaught

    William McNaught

    Adjunct Faculty

    National security economics, forces shaping defense expenditures in the 21st century, and economics of first century Palestine and its similarities to globalizing economies in the 21st century, productivity and job prospects of older workers

  • Nicole Teresa Melnyk

    Nicole Teresa Melnyk

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Carrie A Meyer

    Carrie A Meyer

    Associate Professor

    Economic development, agricultural history, environmental economics, institutional economics

  • Johanna B Mollerstrom

    Johanna B Mollerstrom

    Associate Professor

    Experimental and behavioral economics

  • Sarah Marie Moore

    Sarah Marie Moore

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Zane Mullins

    Zane Mullins

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Monetary Economics, Political Economy, Austrian Economics

  • Jon Murphy

    Jon Murphy

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Law & Economics, Smithian Political Economy, Public Choice





  • Kun Qian

    Kun Qian

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics



  • Valerie Sasser
  • Jonathan F Schulz

    Jonathan F Schulz

    Assistant Professor

    Cultural Economics, Economic History, Experimental Economics

  • Kate Scott

    Kate Scott


    Economic, Personal Finance, & Entrepreneurship Education

  • Olga Shanks

    Olga Shanks

    Graduate Lecturer

    Economic growth, productivity, market power, and market concentration

  • Pradyot Sharma

    Pradyot Sharma

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Marcus Jacob Shera

    Marcus Jacob Shera

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Economic History, Economics of Religion, Smithian Political Economy, Moral Philosophy

  • Jinpeng Shi

    Jinpeng Shi

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Nate Webb Smith

    Nate Webb Smith

    Graduate Research Assistant

    international trade, entrepreneurship, and the dynamics of intervention.

  • Vernon Smith

    Vernon Smith

    Emeritus Faculty

    Experimental economics, economic theory

  • Daniel G Solon

    Daniel G Solon

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Virgil Storr

    Virgil Storr

    Associate Professor

    Austrian economics, culture and economic development, and economic sociology

  • Kelly June Stout

    Kelly June Stout

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Fiscal Policy, Tax Policy, Urban Policy

  • Thomas Stratmann

    Thomas Stratmann

    University Professor

    Public choice, political economy, law and economics and health economics

  • Sarah P Sylvester

    Sarah P Sylvester

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics


  • Alex T Tabarrok

    Alex T Tabarrok


    Theory of voting, political economy, and empirical law and economics

  • Hairuo Tan

    Hairuo Tan

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Dillon A Tauzin

    Dillon A Tauzin

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Alexander N Taylor

    Alexander N Taylor

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Economic History, Political Economy

  • Henry A. Thompson

    Henry A. Thompson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Applied Political Economy, Law and Economics

  • Yi Tian

    Yi Tian

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Deric Tilson

    Deric Tilson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Complexity Theory, Environmental Economics, Energy Economics

  • Tegan L. Truitt

    Tegan L. Truitt

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Political economy, autocracy, property rights, philosophy of social science


  • Karen Vaughn

    Karen Vaughn

    Emeritus Faculty

    Austrian economics, economic theory, and the history of economic thought



  • Ruolong Xiao

    Ruolong Xiao

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Political Economics


  • Aisha Yusuf

    Aisha Yusuf

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Gender Economics


  • Qijun Zhu

    Qijun Zhu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics

  • Konstantin Zhukov

    Konstantin Zhukov

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Austrian economics, institutional analysis, public choice

  • Stephen G Zimmer

    Stephen G Zimmer

    Graduate Lecturer

    Austrian Economics, Public Choice Theory, Human Capital Theory, Education Policy, Comparative Institutional Analysis, Development Economics