• Ashruta Acharya

    Ashruta Acharya

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Institutions and Development, Financial Economics

  • Yahya A. Alshamy

    Yahya A. Alshamy

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Institutional economics, political economy, defense and peace economics

  • Bashair Altalhi

    Bashair Altalhi

    Graduate Research Assistant




  • Suria Dauod

    Suria Dauod

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Yue Deng

    Yue Deng

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Health Economics, Industrial Organization

  • Desiree Desierto

    Desiree Desierto

    Affiliate Faculty

    Political Economy, Corruption, and Institutions

  • Hugo Ernesto Diaz Sanchez

    Hugo Ernesto Diaz Sanchez

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Amberly E Dozier

    Amberly E Dozier

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Empirical Economics, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization

  • Jason Dunick

    Jason Dunick

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Associate Chair

    Associate Professor

    labor economics, education policy, economics of development, and undergraduate pedagogy in economics




  • Marcel Dumas Gautreau

    Marcel Dumas Gautreau

    Graduate Lecturer

    Austrian Economics, Economics of Institutions, Development Economics, Public Choice.

  • Vincent J. Geloso

    Vincent J. Geloso

    Assistant Professor

    My research interests include: economic history, the measurement of living standards in historical perspective and political economy.

  • Mary Getsey Bernier

    Mary Getsey Bernier

    Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Jeffrey D Giliam

    Jeffrey D Giliam

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Media Economics, Industrial Organization, Political Economy

  • Stephen Gillespie

    Stephen Gillespie

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Timothy Groseclose

    Timothy Groseclose


    Public choice, game theory, sports economics

  • Shan Gui

    Shan Gui

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Stefanie Haeffele

    Stefanie Haeffele

    Adjunct Faculty

    Austrian economics, political economy, post-disaster community recovery

  • Jacob R Hall

    Jacob R Hall

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Robin D Hanson

    Robin D Hanson

    Associate Professor

    Health economics, political economy

  • Peter K. Hazlett

    Peter K. Hazlett

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Ronald A Heiner

    Ronald A Heiner


    Monetary theory, financial economics, welfare economics, game theory

  • Joaquin Henault

    Joaquin Henault

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • William Hickman

    William Hickman

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

  • Lisa Maria Hill Corley

    Lisa Maria Hill Corley

    Office Manager, Center for the Study of Public Choice

  • Daniel E Houser

    Daniel E Houser



    Chair of Department Experimental statistics and methods, emotion and individual differences, political economy

  • Malik Altaf Hussain

    Malik Altaf Hussain

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Economic History, State Capacity and Economic Growth, Medical History of British India, Economics of Religion


  • Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson

    Graduate Coordinator

    PhD Academic Advisor

  • Noel D Johnson

    Noel D Johnson


    My research interests include: The historical origins of modern liberal institutions. The relationship between state capacity and economic growth. The impact of environmental shocks on institutional change and economic outcomes. Applied Econometrics with a particular emphasis on spatial data. Identification and Causality.

  • Garett Jones

    Garett Jones

    Associate Professor

    Macroeconomics, economic growth, monetary economics, economics of institutions, behavioral economics, public choice


  • Adam Kaiser

    Adam Kaiser

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Daniel B Klein

    Daniel B Klein


    Policy economics, political economy, political culture, economic characterology, Adam Smith, Mercatus affiliation

  • Mark Koyama

    Mark Koyama

    Associate Professor

    Economic History


  • ikram lalmi

    ikram lalmi

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Karras J Lambert

    Karras J Lambert

    Graduate Lecturer

    Austrian Economics & Development Economics

  • Peter T. Leeson

    Peter T. Leeson

    Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law

  • Jayme Lemke

    Jayme Lemke

    public choice economics, institutional analysis, political economy of women’s rights

  • David M Levy

    David M Levy


    Econometrics, history of economic thought

  • Duan Liu

    Duan Liu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics


  • Satya Ramdas Marar

    Satya Ramdas Marar

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Gareth Markel

    Gareth Markel

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Genoeconomics, Computational economics, Applied econometrics, Experimental economics

  • Cesar A Martinelli

    Cesar A Martinelli


    Economic theory, game theory, political economy, experimental economics

  • Kevin A McCabe

    Kevin A McCabe


    Experimental Economics, Neuroeconomics, Computational Economics

  • Carrie A Meyer

    Carrie A Meyer

    Associate Professor

    Economic development, agricultural history, environmental economics, institutional economics

  • Johanna B Mollerstrom

    Johanna B Mollerstrom

    Associate Professor

    Experimental and behavioral economics

  • Sarah Marie Moore

    Sarah Marie Moore

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Zane Mullins

    Zane Mullins

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Monetary Economics, Political Economy, Austrian Economics





  • Kun Qian

    Kun Qian

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics



  • Valerie Sasser
  • Jonathan F Schulz

    Jonathan F Schulz

    Assistant Professor

    Cultural Evolution, Economic History, Experimental and Behavioral Economics

  • Olga Shanks

    Olga Shanks

    Graduate Lecturer

    Economic growth, productivity, market power, and market concentration

  • Pradyot Sharma

    Pradyot Sharma

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Marcus Jacob Shera

    Marcus Jacob Shera

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Economic History, Economics of Religion, Smithian Political Economy, Moral Philosophy

  • Jinpeng Shi

    Jinpeng Shi

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Vernon Smith

    Vernon Smith

    Emeritus Faculty

    Experimental economics, economic theory

  • Daniel G Solon

    Daniel G Solon

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Virgil Storr

    Virgil Storr


    Austrian economics, culture and economic development, and economic sociology

  • Kelly June Stout

    Kelly June Stout

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Fiscal Policy, Tax Policy, Urban Policy

  • Thomas Stratmann

    Thomas Stratmann

    University Professor

    Public choice, political economy, law and economics and health economics

  • Sarah P Sylvester

    Sarah P Sylvester

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics


  • Alex T Tabarrok

    Alex T Tabarrok


    Theory of voting, political economy, and empirical law and economics

  • Hairuo Tan

    Hairuo Tan

    Graduate Lecturer

    History of Economic Thoughts, Political Economy

  • Alexander N Taylor

    Alexander N Taylor

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Economic History, Political Economy

  • Yi Tian

    Yi Tian

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Tegan L. Truitt

    Tegan L. Truitt

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Political economy, autocracy, property rights, philosophy of social science


  • Karen Vaughn

    Karen Vaughn

    Emeritus Faculty

    Austrian economics, economic theory, and the history of economic thought



  • Ruolong Xiao

    Ruolong Xiao

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Political Economics


  • Qijun Zhu

    Qijun Zhu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics

  • Konstantin Zhukov

    Konstantin Zhukov

    Graduate Lecturer

    Austrian economics, institutional analysis, public choice