• Joshua Seth Ingber

    Joshua Seth Ingber

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Price Theory, Energy, Economic History, Econometrics, Monetary Policy, and Public Choice


  • Clara E Jace

    Clara E Jace

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Austrian economics; law and economics; family and economics

  • Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson

    Graduate Coordinator

    PhD Academic Advisor

  • Peter J Jacobsen

    Peter J Jacobsen

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Noel D Johnson

    Noel D Johnson

    Associate Professor

    My research interests include: The historical origins of modern liberal institutions. The relationship between state capacity and economic growth. The impact of environmental shocks on institutional change and economic outcomes. Applied Econometrics with a particular emphasis on spatial data. Identification and Causality.

  • Garett Jones

    Garett Jones

    Associate Professor

    Macroeconomics, economic growth, monetary economics


  • Zachary Kessler

    Zachary Kessler

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Public Choice, Trade, and Institutional Development

  • Malcolm Scott King

    Malcolm Scott King

    Graduate Lecturer

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Political economy, institutions and economic development, market process theory

  • Daniel B Klein

    Daniel B Klein


    Policy economics, political economy, political culture, economic characterology, Adam Smith, Mercatus affiliation

  • Mark Koyama

    Mark Koyama

    Associate Professor

    Economic History

  • John T Kroencke

    John T Kroencke

    Graduate Lecturer

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Peter T. Leeson

    Peter T. Leeson

    Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law

  • Maggie M Lehr

    Maggie M Lehr

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Jayme Lemke

    Jayme Lemke

    public choice economics, institutional analysis, political economy of women’s rights

  • David M Levy

    David M Levy


    Econometrics, history of economic thought

  • Jordan Karl Lofthouse

    Jordan Karl Lofthouse

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Political economy environmental, Native American, and public-lands issues.


  • Cesar A Martinelli

    Cesar A Martinelli


    Economic theory, game theory, and political economy

  • Jeffrey Mason

    Jeffrey Mason

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Kevin A McCabe

    Kevin A McCabe


    Experimental Economics, Neuroeconomics, Computational Economics

  • James M. McDermott

    James M. McDermott

    Adjunct Faculty

  • William McNaught

    William McNaught

    Adjunct Faculty

    National security economics, forces shaping defense expenditures in the 21st century, and economics of first century Palestine and its similarities to globalizing economies in the 21st century, productivity and job prospects of older workers

  • Veronica J Mercier

    Veronica J Mercier

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Financial regulation, consumer finance, monetary policy, healthcare innovation

  • Carrie A Meyer

    Carrie A Meyer

    Associate Professor

    Economic development, agricultural history, environmental economics, institutional economics

  • Ann M Miller

    Ann M Miller

    Graduate Research Assistant

    International & Urban Development, Institutional Economics, Entrepreneurship

  • Matthew Mitchell

    Matthew Mitchell

    Public choice, rent seeking, and the economics of special privilege.

  • Johanna B Mollerstrom

    Johanna B Mollerstrom

    Associate Professor

    Experimental and behavioral economics

  • Marian Moszoro

    Marian Moszoro

    Adjunct Faculty

    Project finance and public-private hybrids; public contracts, scrutiny, and political contestability; governance, risk perception, and asset pricing

  • Jon Murphy

    Jon Murphy

    Graduate Lecturer

    Law & Economics, Environmental Economics, Smithian Political Economy, International Trade, Sports Economics


  • John V.C. Nye

    John V.C. Nye


    Economic history, new institutional economics


  • Robert T Omberg

    Robert T Omberg

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Labor Economics, Law and Economics, Public Choice







  • Karen Vaughn

    Karen Vaughn

    Emeritus Faculty

    Austrian economics, economic theory, and the history of economic thought


  • Richard E Wagner

    Richard E Wagner

    Eminent Scholar

    Public finance, macroeconomics, political economy

  • Kathryn L Waldron

    Kathryn L Waldron

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Jianxin Wang

    Jianxin Wang

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Experimental Economics; Behavioral Economics; Behavioral Finance; Corporate Governance

  • Michael J Webb

    Michael J Webb

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Lawrence H White

    Lawrence H White


    Theory and history of banking and money

  • Walter E Williams

    Walter E Williams

    Eminent Scholar

    Applied microeconomics, Labor economics, economics of discrimination

  • Kaitlyn Woltz

    Kaitlyn Woltz

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Garrett R Wood

    Garrett R Wood

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Defense Economics, Austrian Economics, Public Choice


  • Yuliya Yatsyshina

    Yuliya Yatsyshina

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Austrian Economics, Technology Policy, Public Choice, Development Economics

  • Yong J Yoon

    Yong J Yoon

    Associate Professor

    Public choice, specialization and increasing returns, consumer economics and bankruptcy

  • Aisha Isa Yusuf

    Aisha Isa Yusuf

    Graduate Lecturer