College of Humanities and Social Sciences


BS in Economics

If you want to learn more about our complex society and analyze policy issues from a rational perspective, the economics major at Mason is a great fit for you.

Economics provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in business, law, public policy, or international studies. It paves the way for many job opportunities.

As a Mason economics major, you will be studying in the department ranked #1 in the southern United States. You will be taking classes from professors well-known for their engaging blogs, including Café Hayek and Marginal Revolution. You can join students from across the country who have come to study with Walter E. Williams, notable author, columnist, and radio personality.

Experimental economics, public choice, and the economics of religion are three fields that give Mason’s department its altogether unique personality.


All students have opportunities for research, global-engagement, public service, and career preparation.

  • Highly motivated students can do an independent reseach project with a faculty member. They are encouraged to apply to the accelerated master’s program in economics. Read more >>
  • Gain valuable work-related experince by interning at places such as Smith Barney, the International Monetary Fund, ExxonMobile, Merrill Lynch, or BB&T Bank. Read more >>
  • Join the GMU Econ Society, a club for students passionate about economics. Read more >>
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