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Bartsch, Zachary 

Zachary Bartsch - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Economic Policy Uncertainty and Trade
Advisor:  Carlos Ramirez
Primary Fields:  Monetary Economics, Economic History
Secondary Fields: Institutional Economics
Job Paper:  Responsive Agents: Economic Policy Uncertainty and Dollar-Pound Exchange Rate Return Volatility

Doran, Colin 

Colin Doran - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Transaction Costs of Property Rights
Advisor:  Thomas Stratmann
Primary Fields:  Applied Microeconomics, Public Choice
Secondary Fields: History of Economic Thought, Financial Markets
Job Paper:  Costs of Property Rights

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 Eric Hammer

Eric J. Hammer - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Analyzing the Moral Effects of the Welfare State Through the Lens of Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments
Advisor:  Daniel Klein
Primary Fields:  Public Choice, History of Economic Thought
Secondary Fields: Computational Social Science, Law and Economics
Job Paper:  Endowment Effects in Evolutionary Game Theory: Enhancing Property Rights

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Harris, Colin 

Colin Harris - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Property Rights and their Enforcement
Advisor:  Peter T. Leeson
Primary Fields:  Political Economy; Development Economics
Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics; Law and Economics
Job Paper:  Wealth-Destroying Private Property Rights 

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 Cameron Harwick

Cameron Harwick - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on the Meaning of Money
Advisor:  Lawrence H. White
Primary Fields:  Monetary economics
Secondary Fields: Macroeconomics, New institutional economics
Job Paper:  Helicopters and the Neutrality of Money 

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 Kells, Bradley

Bradley Kells - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Essays on Health Economics
Advisor:  Thomas Stratmann
Primary Fields:  Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics
Secondary Fields: Microeconometrics, Industrial Organization
Job Paper:  Local Knowledge about Radical Prostatectomy: Limits to Conclusions from Randomized Controlled Trials

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Shuwen Li 

Shuwen Li - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Bargaining, Gender and Economic Policy
Advisor:  Daniel Houser
Primary Fields:  Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics
Secondary Fields: Public Economics, Development Economics
Job Paper:  Stochastic Bargaining over Gains and Losses: Evidence from the Lab

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Erik Matson

Erik W. Matson - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  Hume and Smith on Reason, Political Economy, and the Spirit of Philosophy
Advisor:  Daniel B. Klein
Primary Fields:  History of Economic Thought
Secondary Fields: Philosophy of Economics, Economic History
Job Paper:  Hume's Way of Reasonableness in Epistemology, in Politics, and in Political Economy

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Suarez, Paola

Paola A. Suarez - CV - Website

Dissertation Title:  The Economics of Child-Bride Marriage
Advisor:  Peter T. Leeson
Primary Fields:  Development Economics; Applied Microeconomics
Secondary Fields: Political Economy; Law and Economics
Job Paper:  Child Brides

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