Why Mason Economics?

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It is truly an exciting opportunity to be able to continue your study of economics here at George Mason University. Our programs are filled with talented faculty and engaged students who are ready to apply the unique insights from our discipline to tackle the most pressing issues in modern society. We are confident that the knowledge and skill that are acquired in our programs will be useful to a wide-variety of professional applications.

Here at George Mason University, we have a strong reputation for academic excellence in economics—particularly in the fields of Experimental Economics, Public Choice, and Austrian Economics. We have been the home of two Nobel Prize winning economists from these specialties: James Buchanan and Vernon Smith. This tradition of excellence continues to this day and is reflected in every level of our degree programs from our BS and BA programs at the undergraduate level to our MA and Ph.D. degree programs at the graduate level. We invite you now to explore these programs and meet our faculty using the links on this page. We are certain that you will see that there is so much potential to maximize your own success with us.