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Nondegree status enables visiting students from other institutions who have no degree objective or those seeking personal enrichment to enroll in courses for which they are qualified without seeking formal admission to a degree program. Enrollment in specific courses is based on eligibility criteria and availability of space in courses. Registration priority is given to degree-seeking students. Academic departments may restrict or prohibit nondegree enrollment in some courses. Admitted and enrolled nondegree students are responsible for the same policies and procedures that apply to degree-seeking students, including the University Honor Code and the Code of Student Conduct.


Visiting undergraduate students from other colleges or universities or community members who have completed one academic year of course work at a regionally accredited institution may be considered for Undergraduate Nondegree admission.

Admissions information



All nondegree graduate applicants must complete the online admission application and submit a non-refundable application processing fee.

Applications submitted after the application deadline will not be reviewed for admission.

Meeting the minimum standard for Graduate Nondegree study neither guarantees admission nor implies future admission to a degree-seeking program.

Deadlines for submitting completed Graduate Nondegree applications


A student admitted for graduate study in nondegree status may apply to obtain degree status within the same program. All admission requirements must be met, including official transcripts, letters of recommendation. If the student intends to use credits earned in nondegree status toward a degree, the credits must be approved on the Graduate Transfer of Credit Request form. The credit must have been earned within six years prior to first enrollment as an admitted degree-seeking student, and a minimum grade of B (3.00) must have been earned. 

The maximum number of nondegree earned credits that can be transferred into the MA Economics program or the PhD Economics program is twelve (12) credits.


Graduate nondegree students may seek academic advising from the Economics Graduate Studies Office


Students may enroll in a maximum of 10 graduate credits per semester. Admitted nondegree graduate students are assessed graduate tuition rates for all courses, including undergraduate level courses. Graduate nondegree students may enroll in 500-, 600-, and 700-level courses. In exceptional cases, graduate nondegree students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences may request enrollment in an 800-level economics course if they have an appropriate academic or professional background and have the written permission of the course instructor, the Director of Graduate Students, and the graduate dean.

Registration policies for admitted Graduate Nondegree students


Created: 09/23/18
Last updated: 01/16/19