Online Degree Completion

Mason undergraduate students have the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Arts, or a Bachelor of Science in Economics completely online.

This online undergraduate degree experience maintains the same quality of coursework and instruction as available with in-person courses.

These courses have been developed by experienced faculty members in collaboration with an instructional designer. The instructors are the same who teach in-person classes in the department, and students are afforded the same access to instructors and academic advising as in-person/on-campus students, through virtual meetings and online office hours.

The BA in Economics is designed for students with a strong interest in a broad education in the liberal arts tradition. You will develop critical thinking skills particularly valuable for law school or graduate programs in business or public administration.

Our department offers an optional concentration within the BA in Economics, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).

The BS in Economics provides a stronger emphasis on quantitative analysis. You will be well prepared for a career as an analyst in government, consulting, trade associations, or other private sector positions, and for graduate school in economics or more quantitative business administration programs. 

Our department offers two optional concentrations within the BS in Economics major: Managerial Economics, or Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).

While all students at Mason are able to take online courses, students can register at the time of admission to be considered students at Mason Online, meaning they will complete all of their coursework online. This program is an ideal opportunity for students who require additional flexibility in their undergraduate degrees, and for students who wish to attend Mason from anywhere in the world.