Nondegree Graduate Students

Graduate non-degree students may enroll in 500-, 600-, and 700-level economics courses EXCEPT in the following instances:


A course may have a registration control which requires permission from the Economics Department to enroll. All core required courses have a registration control so we can ensure that our MA and PhD Economics students have priority registration. Non-degree students are permitted to enroll based on space availability determined one week before the first day of classes AND meeting the prerequisites AND permission of instructor.

Our department does not maintain a waitlist for non-degree requests. Requests can be submitted one week before the first day of classes. A request for enrollment should include a brief summary of academic background including any economics courses completed and the interest in taking a particular course.


In exceptional cases graduate non-degree students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences may request to enroll in an 800-level course if they have an appropriate academic or professional background and have the written permission of the course instructor, director of the graduate program offering the course, and the graduate dean.



To be eligible for transfer, credits must have been earned at Mason while in non-degree status, completed within six years of the admission term, and with a minimum grade of 3.00.

Refer to our policy regarding request to transfer credits.

Instructions for Requesting Non-degree enrollment in an 800-level economics graduate course

1.  You must use your Mason email account to request this approval. No replies will be made to non-Mason email accounts.

2.  To request approval, you must email with the following information:

  • Course number and title
  • Semester of enrollment
  • Brief summary of your academic background (including any economics courses you have completed)
  • Your interest in taking a particular course

3.  After receiving all required information the Economics Graduate Studies Office will seek the approval of the instructor, PhD or the MA Director, and the graduate dean.

4.  The Economics Graduate Studies Office will inform the student of the final decision and get confirmation from the student to finalize the registration.

5.  The Economics Graduate Studies Office will submit the registration form to the Registrar's, who will then register the student.

6.  The student is then responsible for completing the course or dropping within university deadlines.       

Any requests that do not meet the above requirements will not be acknowledged.


Page originated:  09/10/18

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