Job Market

At the beginning of each fall semester, the Economics Department posts on our website information regarding doctoral students entering the job market. Students are to contact the Graduate Coordinator to arrange to be included as a job market candidate.

Around half of our graduates take academic positions, with the remainder distributed between governmental bodies and private-sector organizations of both commercial and philanthropic type.

Among the schools at which our recent graduates have taken academic positions are American University, Ball State University, Carnegie Mellon University, Catholic University, Chapman University, Hampden-Sydney College, Hillsdale College, Loyola University of New Orleans, New York University, San Jose State University, Towson University, University of Arkansas, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Texas at Arlington, Utah State University, and Western Carolina University.

Some of the recent government agencies at which our graduates have taken positions are the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, Federal Communications Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, US Agency for International Development, and the World Bank.

Our graduates have also taken positions in a variety of private-sector organizations, both commercial and non-profit. Among these are positions with the Capital Analysis Group, the Center for Science and Public Policy, Jeffrey Parker & Associates, Koch Industries, the Mitre Corporation, Potomac Economics, the RAND Corporation, the Regulatory Economics Group, and the Tax Foundation.