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WOur program is largely self-directed, which means that under normal circumstances you can proceed through the program without consulting or seeking permission from an advisor. Exceptions to those normal circumstances are listed in the various sections of these web pages, and include such things as registering for consortium classes or obtaining approval to take non-economics classes.

With respect to advising, there are both formal and informal channels available to you. For formal advising, the Graduate Coordinator and your respective program directors are available. For advanced students who are writing theses or dissertations, your supervisor becomes your primary formal advisor, though the Graduate Coordinator is always available.

A good deal of advising proceeds informally. These informal channels include other students who typically are the best sources of information about courses and professors and faculty members with whom you have established a working relationship.

In all cases, you should remember that you know better than anyone else what you want to accomplish or at least you should; moreover, you are the person who will bear most directly the consequences of whatever advice you receive or choices you make.

The Economics Graduate Coordinator is always available to address questions about policies and procedures.


Fall 2017 Advising Schedule

For Appointment: email 

Walk-in hours:  Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (beginning week of August 28, 2017)

Week of August 21, 2017: Walk-in hours:
Tuesday, August 22         2pm - 6pm
Wednesday, August 23  11am - 2pm
Thursday, August 24       3pm - 6pm


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