Thomas C Rustici

Thomas C Rustici

Thomas C Rustici

Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs

Associate Professor

Economic instruction

Dr. Thomas C. Rustici is the Assistant Professor of Economics and Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Economics at George Mason University.   For ten years he taught at the Fund for American Studies located at Georgetown University earning the title of Freedom Professor of Economics.  

Dr. Rustici received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from George Mason University in both Economics and Public Policy.  His areas of specialization are economic theory, economic history and applied public policy. He has taught in eight colleges and universities around the world.  In his 20 years of teaching, he has instructed over 40,000 students. 

His publications include four textbooks: Lessons From the Great Depression, Microeconomics: A Free Market Approach (co-authored with Carrie Milton and Nathan Snow), Macroeconomics: The Monetary Foundations of the Macroeconomy Volume I and Macroeconomics: Past and Present Volume II (co-authored and edited with Jim Caton, Dima Shamoun and Theo Shamoun).  He is currently completing a scholarly treatise on subject matter of human disabilities, markets and economic theory for the Charles Koch Foundation (co-authored with Jim Caton).  He has published in academic and scholarly journals including, The Cato Journal, Religion and Liberty, The Free Market, Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Apply Daily and others.  He co-authored the popular textbook series entitled Stossel in the Classroom for John Stossel at ABC News (Greed, Free Loaders and Are we Scaring Ourselves to Death?).  Professor Rustici was greatly honored when his book on the Great Depression was cited by the President of the Southern Economic Association in a recent Presidential Address.  

He was voted Professor of the Year by the George Mason University student body in 2000. 

He is a frequent guest on talk radio including the G. Gordon Liddy Show, the Greg Corombos show on WorldNet Daily; and most recently an eleven part series on the Great Depression on Freedom and Prosperity Radio.  Before entering the teaching world, Dr. Rustici was an entrepreneur and CEO of two businesses in Kansas City, Missouri for over 7 years. 

He is an economic consultant, frequent seminar director and speaker on the national lecture circuit.  He is a passionate defender of the moral and economic superiority of individual liberty and free markets over all types of collectivist philosophies.    

Dr. Rustici lives in Stafford Virginia with his wife and children.