Carlos D Ramirez

Carlos D Ramirez

Carlos D Ramirez


Banking and Finance, Financial and Economic History, Macroeconomics, International Finance

Carlos D. Ramirez, Professor of Economics, received his MA in 1991 and PhD in 1993 in economics from Harvard University. He joined George Mason's economics faculty in the same year. His current areas of research include: banking regulation and history, deposit insurance, financial and economic history, macroeconomics, international finance, China's economic development, and U.S.-China economics relations. In addition, he currently serves as Director of the M.A. program. From August 2019 to August 2020, Professor Ramirez was also a Resident Scholar at the FDIC's Center for Financial Research.

Dissertations Supervised

Brian J. Bonis, Three Essays on the Federal Funds Market (2021)

Nicholas R. Pusateri, Essays in Applied Macroeconomics (2021)

Stuart Paul, Consistency and Stability of Composite-Reliant Bank Failure Models Over Time (2021)

Zachary Bartsch, Economic Policy Uncertainty: A Closer Look (2018)

Brian Kennedy, State Level Tests of Okun's Coefficient (2009)

Rabin Hattari, Essay on Capital Flows to Emerging Markets (2008)

Andrew Nelson, The Spatial Relationship of Complex Foreign Direct Investment and the Effects of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade on Income (2008)

Reuben Hermoso, Three Essays in Rural Credit (2007)