Virgil Storr

Virgil Storr

Virgil Storr


Austrian economics, culture and economic development, and economic sociology

Virgil Henry Storr is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University. He is also the Vice President of Academic & Student Programs at the Mercatus Center. He holds a Ph. D. in Economics from George Mason University and did his undergraduate work at Beloit College. His research has focused on Austrian economics, culture and economic development, markets and morality, post-disaster community recovery, and economic sociology.

Dissertations Supervised

Lane Conaway, The Political Economy of Utopia and Dystopia (2024)

Jessica Carges, Understanding Culture and Women's Work (2024)

Michael R. Romero, Three Essays on the Culture of Markets and Peace (2023)

Rachael K. Behr, The Political Economy of COVID-19 (2022)

Anne Hobson, Inventores: Overcoming Barriers to the Exchange of Money, Goods, and Information in Cuba (2022)

Alexander Craig, An Austrian Analysis of Social Capital (2021)