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Thomas Stratmann

Thomas Stratmann

Thomas Stratmann

University Professor

Public choice, political economy, law and economics and health economics

Thomas Stratmann has a Ph.D in economics from the University of Maryland and is currently University Professor of Economics and Law at George Mason University. He has written on topics of political economy and health economics and has published in journals such as the American Economic Review, the American Journal of Political Science, the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Law and Economics, and the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Dissertations Supervised

Brian C. Blase, Three Papers Toward a Better Understanding of State Medicaid Programs and Program Efficiency (2013)

Jonathan W. Rundle, Institutional Aspects and Fiscal Outcomes (2009)

Alberto Batinti, The Political Economy of Health Care: Technology and Public R&D (2012)

David Hedengren, Three Microeconomic Applications Using Administrative Records (2013)

John W. Welborn, Three Essays on Naked Short Selling and Fails-to-Deliver (2013)

David Chandler Thomas, Empirical Studies of Emergency Response Services (9-1-1) and an Examination of Moral Hazard in Health Insurance (2015)

Francisco Aparicio, Campaign Finance Law, Electoral Competition, and Economic Policy (2006)

David A. Ortiz-Escobar, Determinants and Mechanisms of Tariff Evasion in Latin America: Some Empirical Evidence (2015)

Matthew Mitchell, Justices, Presidents and Politicians: A Strategic Account of Supreme Court Nominations (2008)

Darwyyn Deyo, Law and Labor Markets: Three Essays on Individual Decision Making (2017)

Julia Norgaard, Economics of Illicit Behaviors: Exchange in the Internet Wild West (2017)

Joshua Wojnilower, The Supply of Credit and U.S. Economic Activity: Empirical Evidence for New Monetary Transmission Mechanisms (2017)