Christopher Coyne

Christopher Coyne

Christopher Coyne

MA Director (Online Option)


Austrian economics, development economics, political economy

Christopher Coyne is Professor of Economics at George Mason University and the Associate Director of the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center. He is the Co-Editor of The Review of Austrian Economics and The Independent Review. He also serves as the Book Review Editor for Public Choice. In 2010, Coyne was a Visiting Scholar at the Social Philosophy & Policy Center at Bowling Green State University. In 2016, he was selected as a recipient of George Mason's University Teaching Excellence Award.

Professor Coyne’s personal web page is

Selected Publications


Perfecting Tyranny: Foreign Intervention and the Loss of Liberty at Home (under contract with Stanford University Press)

Doing Bad by Doing Good: Why Humanitarian Action Fails (2013, Stanford University Press)

Media, Development and Institutional Change (2009, Edward Elgar Publishing)

After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy (2007, Stanford University Press)

Edited Books

The Oxford Handbook of Austrian Economics (2015, Oxford University Press) (co-edited with Peter J. Boettke)

Flaws and Ceilings: Price Controls and the Damage They Cause (2015, London: Institute for Economic Affairs) (with R. Coyne)

The Handbook on the Political Economy of War (2011, Edward Elgar Publishing) (w R. Mathers)

For a complete listing of Professor Coyne's publications, please refer to his personal website

Dissertations Supervised

Joshua Ammons, Three Essays on the Political Economy of Nonviolent Action (2024)

Amy Crockett, Three Essays on Education and Peace (2024)

Karras J. Lambert, Three Essays on Economic Order and Intervention (2023)

Chandler S. Reilly, Essays on the Political Economy of Defense R&D and Defense Costs (2023)

Derek C. McAfee, The Political Economy of Counterinsurgency (2022)

Nathaniel Smith, The Market Process: Entrepreneurship, Intervention, and the Role of the State (2022)

Nathan P. Goodman, Institutional Diversity and the Economics of Security (2021)

Peter Jacobsen, The Political Economy of the Ultimate Resource: Essays on Institutions and Entrepreneurship (2020)

Tate J. Fegley, The Political Economy of Policing (2020)

Devon S. Miller, The Use of Knowledge in Counterinsurgency (2020)

Jordan K Lofthouse, Political Economy of Native American Economic Development (2020)

Garrett R Wood, Essays in Defense Economics (2019)

David S. Lucas, Essays on Non-Market Entrepreneurship and Public Policy: The Case of Homelessness in the United States (2018)

Caleb Fuller, Three Essays on the Economics of Digital Privacy (2017)

Byron B. Carson, The Political Economy of Epidemiology (2017)

Alexander C. Cartwright, Three Essays in Law & Economics (2017)

Abigail R. Hall, The Political Economy of Drones (2015)

Homa Saleh, Three Essays on Institutional Change in Afghanistan (2013)

Thomas Duncan, Economizing Defense: Economics of the Military-Industrial Complex (2013)

Jayme S. Lemke, The Political Economy of Gender Disparity in Law (2013)

Charity-Joy Acchiardo, Power, Philanthropy, and Prestige: Three Essays on the Economics of Non-priced Environments (2013)