Academic or Timelimit Termination

Students may be terminated from the Economics program if they fail to achieve satisfactory progress toward the degree. In the Economics program, termination is usually the result of failure to successfully complete qualifying exams, or failure to advance to candidacy or graduate within the required time limits.

A student is academically terminated from the university after accumulating grades of F in two courses, or 9 credits of unsatisfactory grades (C or F) in graduate courses. A notation of academic termination is affixed to the graduate student's official record.

How to Appeal a Timelimit Termination

How to Appeal an Academic Termination [must also submit Graduate Termination Appeal form to department]

University Catalog: Academic Termination (AP.6.6.2)

University Catalog: Readmission to Graduate Study at Mason (AP.6.6.3)


Last updated 11/17/2017

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