Academic or Time Limit Termination

Students may be terminated from their Economics graduate program for any one of the following reasons:

  • Failure to make satisfactory progress toward degree as determined by the Economics Department and/or the Associate Provost for Graduate Education.
  • Accumulation of grades of F in two graduate courses or 9 credits of unsatisfactory grades in graduate courses.

The student is responsible for knowing both the termination criteria (including, but not limited to, program time limits and grade requirements) and the process for initiating an academic policy exception request to the dean of their academic unit.

University Catalog: Time Limit (Master's) (AP.6.9.2)

University Catalog: Time Limit (Doctoral) (AP.6.10.1)

University Catalog: Academic Termination (AP.6.6.2)

University Catalog: Readmission to Graduate Study at Mason (AP.6.6.3)



Last updated 07/14/2022