Consortium Courses

George Mason University is a member of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. With the approval of the PhD Director or the MA Director, eligible Mason students may take courses at any consortium university provided that the courses are not offered at Mason. A student may take only one consortium class per semester, and may not exceed 6 credit hours of consortium work. Students will not be permitted to take consortium courses prior to successfully completing qualifying exams. Any exceptions must be approved by the PhD Director or the MA Director.

Students enrolling through the consortium are billed by Mason, so those receiving in-state tuition at Mason will pay in-state tuition for classes taken through the consortium. Consortium paperwork must be filled out and approved by the PhD Director or the MA Director well in advance of the start of classes to allow the Registrar's office time to process your request.

Eligibility Requirements

University requirements

College requirements

Program requirements

  • meet university requirements
  • successfully complete qualifying or comprehensive exams
  • current grades must be B or better
  • registration will not be approved until current grades are posted
  • no drops or withdrawals of previous consortium registrations
  • requests for exceptions to these requirements should be emailed to

Registration Procedure

Follow procedures as outlined by Registrar's Office.

For program and college signatures, submit all consortium registration forms to Economics Graduate Studies Office 3 weeks before Registrar's deadline. The Economics Graduate Studies Office will obtain program and college signatures and forward the registration form to the Registrar's Office who will complete the registration process.


Last updated: 11/17/2017