Non-Economics Course Work

Non-economics course work

Up to 6 credit hours of Mason course work taken outside of the Economics department (through another discipline) can be applied toward economics degree requirements with the approval of the PhD or MA Director.

PhD Students: In order for a non-economics course to be eligible to apply to the PhD Economics degree, the non-economics course must be a doctoral-level course or a graduate-level course that is approved by the non-economics program toward satisfying the PhD requirements for their program.

For both master's and doctoral degree requirements, only courses graded A-F (Graduate Regular grading scale) can be applied toward degree requirements. [See University Catalog, AP.1.4.6 Enrolling for Credit Without Grade Points (Satisfactory/No Credit).]

Requesting Approval to have Non-Economics course work applied to degree

  1. You must use your Mason email account to request this approval. No replies will be made to non-Mason email accounts.

  2. To request approval, you must email with the following information: course number and title, semester of enrollment, course description, and number of credit hours

  3. After receiving all required information, the Graduate Coordinator will seek the approval of the PhD or the MA Director and inform the student of the final decision.

  4. After the student has completed the course, the Graduate Coordinator will notify the Registrar's office to include the course in the student's degree evaluation.

Any requests that do not meet the above requirements will not be acknowledged.


Last updated:  04/07/2022