MA Comprehensive Exam (On-campus students)

  • Students must be enrolled or active in the university system at the time of taking the exam.
  • All on-campus MA students must take the Applied Economic Theory comprehensive exam which covers microeconomics and macroeconomics after completing the micro and macro course work.
    • Online MA students will complete the ECON 690 MA Economics Capstone course as fulfillment of this degree requirement.
  • Students are allowed two attempts to pass each exam. If a failing grade is received on the second attempt, the student will be terminated from the program.
  • The comprehensive exam is graded on a pass/fail basis.
  • Each comprehensive exam is closed-book, three hours in length and is offered twice yearly (August/January).
  • The comprehensive exam will not be waived under any circumstances.
  • Comprehensive or qualifying exams from other universities are not acceptable.
  • Copies of past exams are available at myMason Blackboard / Organizations / Economics Graduate Students / Content / Graduate Exams.

Please send your request for exceptions to our exam policy to



Last updated:  02/01/21