Writing and defending a thesis

During the writing phase of a thesis, students are required to maintain close communication with the thesis advisor and committee.

Students completing a thesis are required to schedule a formatting review with the Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator in Fenwick Library. Students are required to submit a copy of the thesis (even if it is not the final version) to the Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator's office for format review. The Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator will examine the manuscript for compliance with university format and appearance requirements. The Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator will also provide important instructions for final submission. This should be done about 1 month before final submission either before or after defense.

To insure proper formatting of the thesis defense signature page, send a copy of your thesis signature page to the Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator. She will review the formatting and inform you of any necessary changes (which should be made prior to your defense and the attainment of any committee member signatures.)

With approval of the thesis format, the student is ready to select a defense date with the thesis committee.