Capstone course (Online students)

Students enrolled in the 8-week online pathway are required to complete ECON 690 MA Economics Capstone course. This capstone course satisfies the comprehensive exam requirement for the MA Economics degree.

ECON 690: MA Economics Capstone. 3 credits.

This is a project-based course where students develop an academic portfolio to demonstrate their mastery in economic theory, statistical analysis, and critical thinking in the discipline of economics.

Required prerequisites for enrollment in ECON 690 are the five core master’s courses and each course must have a minimum grade of B- (B minus) or XS.

  • ECON 535 Applied Econometrics
  • ECON 611 Microeconomics Theory I
  • ECON 612 Microeconomics Theory II
  • ECON 615 Macroeconomics Theory I
  • ECON 630 Mathematical Economics

The Graduate Studies Office will advise students regarding any core course grades that do not meet the minimum requirements.


Created: 02/01/21

Updated:  06/22/22