Planning Your Program of Study

The Program of Study is useful as a planning tool for self-advising and mapping out your master's curriculum. The Program of Study lists all coursework, exam, and transfer credit to be applied to your degree. 
The Program of Study form is filed in / Organizations / Economics Graduate Students / Content / Program of Study. 

When you ask for advising, it will be helpful if you have your program of study available. 

We strongly recommend that you use this Program of Study form from the beginning of your program. This will allow you to map out your curriculum and timing toward completing your degree. 

Template and instructions can be found on MyMason / Organizations / Economics Graduate Students / Contents. [Requires Mason login to access.]

Requirements Notes

In addition to the requirements cited in the University Catalog and on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences website, the following requirements also apply:

  • 30 credit hours must be applied to the degree
  • At least 18 credit hours must be earned as a degree-seeking student in the Economics MA program at George Mason University (see Transfer policy)
  • 15 credit hours of core coursework must be applied to the degree (exceptions or waivers must be approved by the MA Director):
    • 6 credit hours of Microeconomic theory (ECON 611 and 612)
    • 3 credit hours of Macroeconomic theory (ECON 615)
    • 3 credit hours of Mathematical Economics (ECON 630) 
    • 3 credit hours of Applied Econometrics (ECON 535)
  • All students must complete the micro and macro theory course sequences even if they have taken similar courses at another institution. Exceptions will not be granted.
  • On-campus students must pass the MA Applied Economic Theory comprehensive exam (see MA Comprehensive Exam)
  • Online students must complete ECON 690 MA Economics Capstone course
  • Up to 6 credits (or 2 courses) may be taken in departments outside of Economics
  • Up to 6 credit hours of coursework may be taken through the Consortium with the approval of the MA Director
  • Up to 6 credit hours of directed readings (ECON 896) may be applied toward degree requirements
  • Students must graduate within 6 years after first enrollment
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in course work, which may include no more than 6 credits of C

Last updated: 02/01/21