MA as Secondary Program

PhD in economics students may apply for the MA in economics degree when they have completed 30 credits in the following requirements:

  • completed the six core PhD required courses (18 credits)
  • completed four elective courses (12 credits)
  • successfully passed the PhD qualifying exams in micro and macro theory
  • have a degree GPA of 3.0 or better

Students who receive more than 12 hours of transfer credit are not eligible to apply for the MA degree while pursuing the PhD degree. Reduction of credit cannot be applied to master's degrees, so students who receive a reduction of credit toward the PhD degree are not eligible to apply for the MA degree while pursuing the PhD degree. All other students who have at least a 3.0 GPA may earn an MA degree from Mason after completing 30 credits.

Eligible students need to submit a CHSS Secondary Program Application (during any semester prior to the semester of degree conferral) to have the MA as a secondary program added to their student record.

When ready to have the degree conferred, students must submit a Graduation Application for the MA as Secondary Degree.

CHSS Secondary Program Application

Please send your secondary program application to the Graduate Coordinator ( .

  • Complete the student portion of the form.
  • Effective term is the current term.
  • MA Economics does not have concentrations.
  • Email form to
  • The Graduate Studies Office will obtain signatures and forward to the college.

Last updated:  02/26/2021