Advancing to Candidacy

Students enrolled in ECON 998 should be working toward creating a written dissertation proposal to be formally presented to and approved by the dissertation committee. A template for the proposal approval signature sheet is available online at the Dissertation/Thesis website under "Working with your Committee." Contact the Graduate Coordinator for correct template and completion.

You should plan to present your proposal to the committee during the semester before you intend to enroll in ECON 999. It is not recommended that this process take place between semesters (winter break or summer session), as many faculty members are unavailable during those periods and it can be difficult to coordinate meetings with them.

After the committee has approved the proposal and signed the signature sheet in black ink, submit the proposal signature sheet to the Director of Graduate Programs. The Director of Graduate Programs will submit a memo to the Dean requesting that the committee be approved and the student be advanced to candidacy. The Program of Study and proposal signature sheet will be sent to the Dean with the memo for approval.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences will notify you by mail when you have been advanced to candidacy and your committee has been approved. Once you receive this notification, you are eligible to register for ECON 999 and should contact for a course registration number.

Advancement to candidacy requirements

Doctoral students must advance to candidacy within six years of admission to the doctoral program. To advance to candidacy, students must:

  • complete all course work required on their approved program of study
  • pass both qualifying exams
  • pass two field exams
  • have a dissertation proposal approved by a dissertation committee

Proposal signature sheet

Template and instructions can be found on MyMason / Organizations / Economics Graduate Students / Contents. 
Requires Mason login to access.

How to Request an Extension of Timelimit


Last updated:  02/01/17