What about Graduation?

Graduation details are essentially handled out of the registrar's graduation office; and most of the information that you will need to know is available each semester in the schedule of classes or at http://registrar.gmu.edu/students/graduation/.

But first you need to insure that you complete the academic requirements necessary. So, as you progress through the program, keep your BA or BS worksheet up to date and check your degree evaluation regularly on PatriotWeb. In your junior year check the evaluation carefully for remaining requirements. If you have questions, see your advisor. Repeat the process early in your senior year. Finally, in the same semester that you intend to graduate, get another degree evaluation. If you have not completed all your requirements, the degree evaluation will indicate this.

Register intent to graduate. Students must initiate the graduation process by registering an "intent" with the registrar. If you intend to graduate at the end of the Spring semester, you need to register your intent online in the fall. If you intend to graduate at the end of the summer, you must register your intent in the spring. See http://registrar.gmu.edu/students/graduation/process/.

The undergraduate director in the Economics department will receive a list of those students who intend to graduate and will verify that the academic requirements have been completed. If you filed an intent and you haven't satisfied the requirements, you will be notified by the economics department through your Mason email account. You must keep your mason email current to receive this information.

Other FAQs about graduation:

1. If the graduation requirements have changed, which requirements apply to me?

You can either graduate under the requirements in effect when you entered, or under the requirements in effect the year you graduate.

2. Do I need to fill out a paper application to graduate?

No. You just need to file an intent to graduate as described above.

3. If I need to finish up some courses in the summer can I still graduate in May?

Yes and No. You can still participate in the graduation ceremonies in May but you will not actually graduate until you complete all the requirements - you will only "walk". Graduation ceremonies are only offered in May. If you plan to finish your coursework in the summer, you will file an intent to graduate in August.