Undergraduate Programs

Economics is an essential tool for understanding the complexities of modern society, and it prepares students for a wide variety of educational and career paths.  Economics is an excellent background for graduate school in business, law, public policy or international studies. Starting salaries in Economics compare favorably with those of other disciplines. The Washington DC area is an ideal location for graduates with bachelors degrees in economics to find jobs.

B.A. Degree -- The B.A. in economics requires a broad base of  general education in the liberal arts courses in addition to a foreign language. It may be better suited for those students interested in graduate work in law, policy, or international studies, or careers requiring language skills and a solid liberal arts background.

B.S. Degree -- The B.S. in economics requires more statistics and mathematics than the B.A., with less emphasis on liberal arts and no foreign language requirement. The B.S. degree is recommended for those planning to pursue graduate work in economics and those interested in working in data management and research positions.

Minor in Economics -- The Economics minor is both flexible and marketable. Whether your primary interest is in business, communications, policy, data management, international studies, or engineering, a minor in economics can give you an additional edge in the workplace.