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BA in Economics

All students have opportunities for research, global-engagement, public service, and career preparation.

  • Highly motivated students can do an independent research project with a faculty member. They are encouraged to apply to the accelerated master’s program in economics. Read more >>
  • Gain valuable work-related experience by interning at places such as Smith Barney, the International Monetary Fund, ExxonMobile, Merrill Lynch, or BB&T Bank. Read more >>
  • Join the GMU Econ Society, a club for students passionate about economics. Read more >>
Jessica Lowman

Jessica Lowman

Interning with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Jessica was a trainee energy industry analyst for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. There she assisted analysts in organizing, reviewing, and developing positions on issues in electric, gas, and oil cases set for hearing or settlement procedures.

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Scott McGinley

Scott McGinley, 2017

Scott McGinley assures that a prospective student should definitely come to Mason because of the quality professors it offers. He believes his time at Mason has been well spent because of them.

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Andrew Meleta

Andrew Meleta, 2017

Taking advantage of internship opportunities year-round

While attending George Mason, Meleta earned two internships that, he said, have allowed him to apply what he’s learned from his professors directly to work.

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