For Graduate Students

The Department of Economics at George Mason University offers a master's and a doctoral degree in economics. The department is noted for its emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative comparative institutional analysis and its focus on the relations among economic, political, and legal institutions. This is reflected in the specializations associated with the department:  Austrian economics, constitutional political economy, experimental economics, law and economics, new institutional economics, and public choice. We offer a strong core of courses in applied economics and our faculty apply economic theory to a wide range of allied disciplines, including political science, philosophy, sociology, history, and classics.

For our Current Graduate Students in Economics 

Please refer to the resources below as well as other pages in this section. You will find valuable information that can help you plan your program of study, position yourself for the job market, and successfully graduate.

These pages provide the primary rules regarding our graduate programs. Some of these rules are departmental in origin, while others are established by the university. With respect to university rules, you should also refer to the University Catalog particularly as it pertains to graduate academic policies

***Please take the time to review this website carefully and completely. As a comprehensive resource regarding our program, the Economics website should always be your first stop for any program-related questions and should be referenced prior to contacting the Graduate Studies Office with questions.***

Economics Graduate Studies Office

The Economics Graduate Studies Office is your department resource for information and questions about the relevant rules and procedures required for completing your graduate degree.

As Director of Graduate Programs, Professor Chris Coyne has overall responsibility for the conduct of the Economics Graduate Studies Office and all programs and funding it administers. He also serves as the PhD Director and oversees all matters related to the PhD in economics program including: signing various forms pertaining to student progress through the PhD program, advising PhD students, and overseeing admissions into the PhD program.

Professor Carlos Ramirez serves as the MA Director overseeing matters related to the MA in economics program. Professor Ramirez's prime tasks are to serve as advisor to MA students and to oversee admissions into the MA program.

Mary Jackson is the Graduate Coordinator, organizing and coordinating the flow of work and information, both within the Economics Graduate Studies Office and between the Office and other university units. Ms. Jackson should be your first point of contact for most of your issues and questions. Most of the forms requiring a graduate director and/or department chair signature should be submitted to Ms. Jackson who will arrange for the required signatures and further processing of the form.

Valerie Sasser is the Graduate Programs Assistant, who works in collaboration with the Graduate Coordinator in supporting all functions of the Economics Graduate Studies Office. Ms. Sasser assists with academic advising and forms submission.