2017 Student AwardsEconomics

Graduate Awards

William P. Snavely Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies in Economics

William P. Snavely was the first Chairman of the Economics Department, serving in that capacity from 1973 to 1981. In his honor, the Department presents the Snavely Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies in Economics to our most outstanding PhD student graduating each academic year.

  • Rosolino Candela
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Israel M. Kirzner Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Austrian Economics

The Israel M. Kirzner Award was established in 2002 to honor the contributions to Austrian economics made by Professor Israel Kirzner during his illustrious research and teaching career. Each academic year, this award is given to a graduating student in recognition of their outstanding dissertation in Austrian economics.

  • Rosolino Candela
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Undergraduate Awards

Howard R. Bloch Memorial Award

Awarded to the student graduating with the highest GPA in the economics program.

  • Tyler Fisher
  • Holly Makowski
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Outstanding Academic Achievement in Economics

This award goes to economics majors that are in the top 15% of students in the graduating class in terms of academic performance.

  • Emmanuel Ameha
  • Maria Barrios
  • Nathaniel Bechhofer
  • Xi Chen
  • Mihyun Choi
  • Hunter Cox
  • Giuseppe Germinario
  • Carola Gorena Morales
  • Chanel Grice
  • Brian Harbaugh
  • Elizabeth Harris
  • Jacob Hess
  • Yulia Horwath
  • Samantha Jordan
  • Mingrui Li
  • Yixuan Li
  • Mingyu Liu
  • Zhedong Liu
  • Teng Long
  • Jessica Lowman
  • Sejal Naik
  • Gabriel Pereira
  • Yuri Protzuk
  • Wayne Rash
  • Ryan Renkey
  • Tristan Southard
  • Xun Su
  • Fengkai Sun
  • Zhuocheng Yin
  • Dongquan Zhang
  • Guanhua Zhu
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Departmental Honors in Economics

This is the highest academic distinction awarded by the economics department. This award is given to students who have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have successfully completed an undergraduate thesis in economics.

  • Maria Barrios
  • Nathaniel Bechhofer
  • Giuseppe Germinario
  • Gabriel Pereira
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