BA in Economics

Rhys Maza, 2023

Do you have a particular standout course or professor from your time as an undergraduate student?

The study abroad program in Paris I participated in led by Dr. Raluca Romaniuc.

What activities were you involved in during your time at Mason that impacted you the most? 

I feel truly impacted and impactful through the research led by Dr. Repinecz on the ongoing in violence in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Transcribing the testimonies of genocide survivors as well as unprecedented investigation into the Belgian archives from the colonial period speak to the reach and influential capacities of French as a global language, both in the outcomes of history and how it is remembered.

Share a memorable "Mason moment."

The most memorable moment was connecting with my Study Abroad class in Paris, where the global diversity that Mason offers, in part through though the GEO, as a critical advantage over other universities.

Reflecting on your time at Mason, what is one piece of advice you would give a student who is just starting off on their Mason journey?

Take advantage of everything Mason has to offer by keeping an open mind.

What is your next step?

I plan to continue the research on the DRC as well as pursue professional opportunities at the International Monetary Fund.