BA in Economics

Nancy Hilliard, 1990

Nancy Hilliard, BA Economics '90, has co-owned her own business, Beekeeper’s Cottage, for almost 25 years. Growing up in Connecticut, Hilliard was drawn to Mason by James Buchanan, faculty in the Economics Department. Her economics degree has driven much of her career and has allowed her to excel in her work as an entrepreneur, having to steer their business through an ever changing economy over the last quarter century. This has involved a great deal of adaptability, with changes such as the internet, Amazon, and social media all being huge factors that changed their business model over the years. In recent years, she has used her business to start doing some interior decorating for some clients.

Hilliard has three children, her oldest daughter just graduated from UVA, her son is 16, and her youngest daughter is 12. She has been very active the last few years with her son, who has taken a massive interest in all things Space related, from attending conferences and having the opportunity to meet some former NASA astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Hilliard and her son have started a nonprofit called Space Dreamers with the aim of increasing space education to children beyond the typical learning of the planets of the solar system, etc.

Along with this, she is certified in teaching dyslexic children, as she believes the school systems do not properly teach or recognize their students with this learning disorder, and they do not have the resources to address it.

Hilliard volunteers her time to Mason as a member of the CHSS Dean's Advisory Board.