Internships for Credit in Economics

Students must register for ECON 398 with the Undergraduate Director to receive 3 to 6 credit hours for an economics-related internship. For more details, contact the course instructor for a syllabus.

Who is eligible?

Enrollment is limited to juniors or seniors who have completed ECON 103, ECON 104, and at least two upper-level (300/400 level) elective hours of economics coursework.

Students must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and an economics GPA of at least 2.5.

What counts as an internship?

Students are responsible for locating their own internship (by working with Career Services, for example) and there must be some economic content to the job.

Students may not use a “regular job” as an internship. The internship must be a new short-term opportunity to work with a private firm or public organization to learn something about the field.

Credit cannot be awarded for an internship retroactively – students must be enrolled in ECON 398 and working as an intern at the same time.

Credit cannot be awarded for an internship that takes place in the State of Maryland.

How much credit can be earned?

To earn three hours of credit students must work in an internship for a total of 135 hours. To earn six hours of credit students must work in an internship for a total of 270 hours. We discourage internships of fewer hours than that. (College minimum standard is 45 hours for one credit.)

No more than 6 hours of credit in economics can be earned with internships. This course cannot be repeated for credit.

How can I register for ECON 398?

Registration for this course follows an atypical process. Before registering, you must find an internship and come to an agreement with the workplace sponsor. You should then submit the following documents to the course instructor (email Dr. Jason Dunick to request internship application forms):

  1. Internship Application that includes a 300-word proposal and a degree evaluation printout from PatriotWeb
  2. Internship Contract signed by the workplace sponsor
  3. Experiential Learning Agreement
  4. Consent Release Agreement

Once the course instructor has approved this documentation, you will be granted permission to register. Each student must complete the required paperwork in full. Please note that registration for this course is bound by the same registration deadlines which are relevant for all other courses at George Mason University.  Please be sure to leave ample time to complete the required work before the deadline to add courses. 

How is ECON 398 evaluated?

This is a pass/fail course and students are evaluated based on three components:

  1. An initial 300-word proposal submitted with the Internship Application
  2. An Employer Evaluation From - completed by the employer
  3. An 800-word reflection paper that is due on or before the last day of finals