Accelerated MA in Economics

Peter Bishay

Peter Bishay

Why did you choose to do a BAM program?

It's the best bang for my buck! In all seriousness, I enjoy having the opportunity to challenge myself as an undergrad, and the ability to graduate early. Additionally, I expect it to set me apart when applying for jobs in the future.

What has been your favorite class or experience in the program so far?

My favorite class has in the program was Structural Econometrics with Dr. Groseclose. I loved the class because it combined my interests in probability theory and econometrics in an applied scenario. For this course, we looked at papers and practiced statistical techniques used by the researchers in the actual study of economics and had the opportunity to curtail our own models.

What experiences have you had outside the classroom?

I'm doing an internship with Steady State Economy for a Mathematical and Economics modeling position. Steady State is a non-profit organization aimed at stabilizing economic growth for environmental stability.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I'm planning to be working at a private firm in a field relating to risk analysis. Along with my master’s degree, I will be working on an actuarial program at George Mason. The master's degree in Economics and the Actuarial program will help show that I'm capable of mastering real-world problems of analysis through a mix of theory and applied experience.