Accelerated MA in Economics

Jaclyn Jones, 2018

Jaclyn Jones

What do you like about Mason?

The student population is so diverse and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. The Arlington campus is also in a fantastic location.

What type of career are you interested in having?

My end goal is to be a lawyer fighting for social justice issues and increasing the efficiency in the legal sphere. 

How do you think the Bachelor’s to Accelerated Master’s program will prepare you for your future career?

The master’s degree has taken me to a much deeper dive in economics than just the bachelor’s. I will have a better grasp of the economic way of thinking and how to apply it to the law to improve the welfare of people. The unique perspective economics provides will also hopefully help me in law school. In the words of my first economics professor Thomas Rustici, it has taken me closer to the crack in the fence thus making me able to see even more to the inner workings of the world.

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