Skills Employers Want

What skills and abilities are today's employers looking for?

A 2013 study of executives at 318 business and non-profits with over 25 employees found that employers are not just looking for narrow technical skills, but the broad capacity for creative and critical thinking enabled by a liberal arts education.

IT TAKES MORE THAN A MAJOR: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success An Online Survey Among Employers Conducted On Behalf of The Association Of American Colleges And Universities by Hart Research Associates April 10, 2013, p. 4


Employer Views of Student Learning

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Strongly Agree
A candidate's demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major. 93%
Our company puts a priority on hiring people with the intellectual and interpersonal skills that will help them contribute to innovation in the workplace. 95%
All students should acquire broad knowledge in liberal arts and sciences. 80%
Our company is asking employees to take on more responsibilities and to use a broader set of skills than in the past. 93%
Innovation is essential to our company/organization's continued success. 92%
The challenges employees face within our company are more complex today than they were in the past. 91%
All students should learn about societies and cultures outside the United States and about global issues and developments. 78%
All students should have educational experiences that teach them how to solve problems with people whose views are different from their own. 91%
All students should learn about ethical issues and public debates important in their field.  87%
All students should take courses that build knowledge, judgment, commitment to communities, ensure integrity/vitality of democracy. 82%
All students should have direct learning experiences working with others to solve problems important in their communities.  86%