Annual Review of Economics: Boettke and Coyne publish "New Thinking in Austrian Economics"




Peter J. Boettke, Distinguished University Professor of Economics and Philosophy, and Christopher J. Coyne, Professor of Economics, have published a scientific literature review, New Thinking in Austrian Economics, in Annual Review of Economics, one of the most prestigious and influential journals in the field. 



This review discusses the unique features of Austrian economics and some of the recent contributions of this school of thought. We organize these contributions in different research “buckets” in the hope that this will be a useful guide to readers while demonstrating the ongoing relevance of the contemporary Austrian school of economics for advancing scientific discourse. The research buckets discussed include robust political economy, macroeconomics, monetary  economics, entrepreneurship and the market process, development economics, behavioral economics, governance, social economy, collective action challenges related to natural disaster recovery and infectious disease, and war and defense.


** This review has been published Open Access for broad distribution and may be downloaded from the site.**  

Citation:  Annu. Rev. Econ. 2023. 15:329–47


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