Degrees and Certificates


PhD in Economics

The PhD in economics trains students in modern theory and quantitative techniques, stresses the application of theory to relevant economic problems, and emphasizes the application of original research skills.

MA in Economics

The MA in economics strengthens students' knowledge of economic theory and improves their skills in applying the theory to economic problems.

Accelerated MA in Economics

Highly qualified Mason economics majors may apply to the accelerated master's degree. If accepted, students will be able to earn both bachelor's and master's degrees in economics after satisfactory completion of 144 credits. Graduates are exceptionally well-prepared for professional school or PhD program in economics or a related discipline.


BA in Economics

The BA in economics requires foreign language and additional liberal arts courses.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics concentration in the BA in Economics

BS in Economics

The BS requires more math and statistics. It is recommended for students considering graduate studies in economics.

Managerial Economics concentration in the BS in Economics

Most challenging Econ degree.
Incorporates business course requirements.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics concentration in the BS in Economics

Minor in Economics

Economics is an essential tool for understanding the complexities of modern society. Whether your primary interest is in business, communications, policy, data management, international studies, or engineering, a minor in economics can give you an additional edge in the workplace.