Online Research Resources

Electronic Journals, Articles, and Working Papers

JSTOR has backfiles of ten academic journals in economics from their beginnings up to 1991. Some journals are available in pdf as text files, while other journals are available as pdf images. Linking a searchable text file to the page images of the entire published record of a journal offers a level of access previously unimaginable. Authorized users are able to view and print articles at any time and from any networked location. If you are at a location off campus you will need to log in through the library website.

Elsevier Research Journals - ECONbase, ECONbooks, Handbooks in Economics

Review of Austrian Economics

National Bureau of Economic Research - Includes working papers, books, and the NBER reporter. PhD job market candidates! This site includes a listing of available postings at American Academic Institutions.

The McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought - The History of Thought Archive represents an attempt to gather all material for the study of the history of economics at one site. This includes both primary texts, studies of those texts and of their authors.

The Journal of Finance

Sources of Current Economic Information

The Joint Economic Committee

Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The House Budget Committee

Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors

The Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Board of Governors


New York
St. Louis
Kansas City
San Francisco


Public Choice Society

Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics

Additional Research Resources

WebEc - World Wide Web Resources in Economics. Perhaps the most extensive guide to economics on the net.

Econometrics Laboratory Software Archive - Econometric algorithms, programs, data, working papers, and more. An extremely useful site.

Liberty Fund's The Library of Economics and Liberty - an easy-to-use reference for all areas of economics. Includes the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics