Micro-Economic Policy Seminar (MEPS): Dragon Babies

Fortunes of Birth and Life

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM
Founder's Hall, #478

Dear Colleagues,


The Micro-Economic Policy Seminar (MEPS) is a weekly series of paper presentations on economic policy topics organized by the Center for Micro-Economic Policy Research (CMEPR). See details on the plans for this semester below.  All are welcome to attend and participate.


Other seminar schedules as well as links to the speakers’ websites and papers can be found on the CMEPR website (cmepr.gmu.edu).


Please let us know any questions, and hope to see you there!


Anh, John, Min, Sita, Thomas



Fall 2017 Seminars will be, unless otherwise indicated, every Tuesday at 11-12:15, in Founders Hall 478.

September 5: Erin Troland (Treasury), “Before the war on poverty: the impact of union health programs in Appalachia”
September 12:  Sumit Agrawal (Georgetown University), “Dragon Babies: Fortunes of Birth and Life”
September 26: Diana C D’amico (George Mason University) and Robert Pawlewicz (George Mason University), “Where are all the Black teachers? Discrimination in the teacher labor market
October 3: Rebecca Zarutskie (Federal Reserve), TBA
October 10:  Serguey Braguinsky (University of Maryland), TBA
October 17: Len Nicholls (GMU, Center for Health Policy), “Health Reform Wars, Lethal and Fake”
October 24:  Judith Hellerstein (University of Maryland), TBA
October 31: Jing Cai  (University of Maryland), “The Impact of Corporate Taxes on Firm Innovation: Evidence from Corporate Tax Collection Reform in China,” (with Yuyu Chen and Xuan Wang)
November 14: Emin Dinlersoz (US Census Bureau), “Early-Stage Business Formation: An Analysis of Applications for Employer Identification Numbers”


Kyung Min Lee

Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Research Assistant

Schar School of Policy and Government

George Mason University

Email: klee17@gmu.edu

Website: http://www.thekyungmin.com/

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