College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Invisible Hand Seminar: Reappraising the Scottish Moralists and Civil Society

Richard Boyd, Georgetown University

Saturday, September 16, 2017 4:00 PM to 5:45 PM
Buchanan Hall (formerly Mason Hall), D180

Invisible Hand Seminar

Led and organized by Daniel Klein (


This seminar serves the Adam Smith program community, and gives a forum for graduate students to develop and present their work. Contact me to receive the paper.


It is OK to attend without having read the paper.


We go to dinner afterward.


Select Saturdays 4:00 - 5:45, Mason Hall D180


FALL 2017:

Funding provided in part by the John Templeton Foundation through a grant from the Institute for Humane Studies.


Saturday September 16:                                              EVENT COSPONSOR: Templeton/IHS

Richard Boyd, Georgetown University:

Reappraising the Scottish Moralists and Civil Society,” chapter 3 of his book Uncivil Society: The Perils of Pluralism and the Making of Modern Liberalism (Lexington Books, 2004).


Saturday September 30:                                              EVENT COSPONSOR: Templeton/IHS

Erik Matson, George Mason University:

“Hume’s Way of Reasonableness in Epistemology and in Political Economy”


Saturday October 14:                                                  EVENT COSPONSOR: Templeton/IHS

Alberto Mingardi, Instituto Bruno Leoni:

“Thomas Hodgskin and the Industrial Revolution”


Saturday November 11:                                              EVENT COSPONSOR: Templeton/IHS

James Otteson, Wake Forest University:

“Adam Smith’s Libertarian Paternalism”


Saturday December 2:                                                 EVENT COSPONSOR: Templeton/IHS

Ryan Hanley, Marquette University:

Love’s Enlightenment: Rethinking Charity in Modernity – Chapter 4: Smith on Sympathy.


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