2014 Student AwardsEconomics

Undergraduate Awards

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Economics

Award for students in the top 2% of the graduating class in economics.

  • Brendan O'Connor
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Outstanding Academic Achievement in Economics

This award goes to economics majors that are in the top 15% of students in the graduating class in terms of academic performance.

  • Edison Bailey
  • Tohfe Beidas
  • Daniel Broyles
  • Garrett Corneliussen
  • Eliza Diaz
  • Micah Fleitman
  • Kamran Gupta
  • Levi Huston
  • Nikita Ivanov
  • Filip Jolevski
  • Peyton Lausch
  • Eugene Lee
  • Sathya Mathavan
  • Evan Ollivant
  • Michael Powers
  • Kole Reddig
  • Stuart Sanders
  • Maryam Sidiqi
  • Asmaa Soliman
  • Sotheara Sreang
  • Yuanxia Weng
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Departmental Honors in Economics

This is the highest academic distinction awarded by the economics department. This award is given to students who have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have successfully completed an undergraduate thesis in economics.

  • Olivia Gonzalez
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