Congratulations Class of 2016

Congratulations Class of 2016
Dr. Jason Dunick congratulates Economics bachelors graduates

Congratulations to all of the graduates
from the Economics Department.

Whether you are a bachelors, master's,
or doctoral student, you have accomplished
a significant milestone.

It is our hope that you continue to build
on what you have learned at Mason
and share it with the world. 



Houser, Nowrasteh, Boehm-Davis

Greeting new graduates is:

Dr. Daniel Houser, Chair of Economics Department
Alex Nowrasteh, Convocation Speaker
Dr. Deborah Boehm-Davis, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences  

The speaker at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Spring 2016 Convocation was Alex Nowrasteh. Alex graduated from George Mason University in 2006 with his BA in Economics.




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