Press Release: <em>Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste</em> by Charles Rowley


Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

By Charles K. Rowley

Just Published: October 19, 2010

In column after column in this insightful book, Charles Rowley deploys cutting-edge economics, public choice and political philosophy to identify and to evaluate the impulses that would carry Obama’s progressive socialist agenda to early success but, ultimately, to an electoral backlash.  Writing with an irony comparable to Jonathan Swift (Gulliver’s Travels) and with a biting satire reminiscent of H.L. Mencken at his best, Rowley cuts through the rhetoric of Obama’s political agenda, identifies the corruption and self-seeking of the congressional responses, and lays cruelly bare the damage to the United States Constitution and to the Spirit of America that Obama and his supporters have wrought upon the People.  In this splendid book, Rowley writes with a fearless pen inspired by a love of individual liberty, limited government and the rule of law.  To the reader, his message is clear: the truth will set you free, and will return the People from state capitalism to laissez-faire capitalism and constitutionally limited government.

Charles K. Rowley is Duncan Black Professor of Economics at George Mason University and General

This 250 page book is available from at $10 plus shipping and postage and from The Locke Institute (checks only for $12.50, postage included)