Stratmann Wins Duncan Black Prize

Economics professor’s paper shows advertising does translate to more votes.

by College Staff

Dr. Thomas Stratmann, economics professor at George Mason University, was awarded the Duncan Black Prize for “best paper in Public Choice in 2009” at the March 11-14 Public Choice Society Meetings in Monterey, California.

The award is given annually to the best paper published in Public Choice.

Stratmann authored the paper “How Prices Matter in Politics: The Returns to Campaign Advertising,” an award-winning study that examines the effect of campaign advertising by U.S. Representatives on their vote shares in congressional elections.

“Stratmann’s study makes the important and novel contribution that once one properly accounts for differences in media prices across congressional districts, it is apparent that campaign spending is quite effective for both incumbents and challengers,” said Dan Houser, economics professor. “In particular, more advertising translates into more votes at the polls."

Stratmann is part of George Mason’s Center for Public Choice – a unique research institution at Mason where scholars conduct research, publish their findings and conclusions in a variety of print and electronic media, and teach the science of public choice.

In addition to his innovative work in the area of campaign spending and reelection chances of congressmen, Stratmann also continues to work with Mason’s Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science.

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