Tabarrok testifies on vaccine policy before the U.S. Congressional Joint Economic Committee

It is not too late to do more.

Professor Alex Tabarrok recently testified before the U.S. Congressional Joint Economic Committee in a hearing examining COVID vaccinations and economic recovery.

See Dr. Tabarrok's summary of his testimony and the key points he shared with the Committee in a Marginal Revolution University blogpost.

The full video recording of the hearing is available here with opening remarks starting at 10:32.

Timestamps for Dr. Tabarrok's commentary: 

41:16:  Dr. Tabarrok's prepared testimony. 

54:06:  Assessing the benefit of the $1.9T stimulus package, federal and state-level approaches to vaccination, and extending vaccination by offering first-doses-first

1:10:33:  Using lessons from Covid to accelerate FDA approvals for all drugs, and incentivizing R&D for potential long-term benefits

1:22:10:  Vaccine mandates

1:51:15:  Vaccine hesitancy and the value of vaccination

2:11:17:  Worldwide early vaccination is needed using all available vaccines.