James Buchanan Fellowship

The Department of Economics at George Mason University is pleased to announce a new fellowship opportunity for MA in economics students. Named after the late Nobel Laureate and George Mason professor, James M. Buchanan, the James Buchanan Fellowship is open to all incoming, full-time students who are interested in a career in public policy. At George Mason University, graduate students are considered full time if they are enrolled in at least nine graduate credits per semester. The fellowship is competitively awarded based on overall application strength. The funding package provides support of up to $37,600 a year for two years. This fellowship has no work component and is intended to cover tuition and fees, up to nine graduate credits a semester for a total of 30 credits, and provide students with a stipend.


How to Apply to the James Buchanan Fellowship

MA in economics applicants who are interested in applying for the James Buchanan Fellowship should submit a 2-page essay to econgrad@gmu.edu answering the question: How will a master of arts in economics and the James Buchanan Fellowship contribute to advancing and achieving your career goals? Word documents or PDF files should clearly state the applicant’s name and email address as listed on their admission application. Essays should be emailed during the submission of the application to the MA in economics program. Fellowship applications will be considered during admission decisions after the MA in economics application deadline. Only incoming first-year graduate students are eligible to apply. Applications for the James Buchanan Fellowship will be accepted beginning with those applicants applying to the Fall 2019 MA cohort.

For more information on the James Buchanan Fellowship and other funding opportunities for MA in economics students, visit the funding opportunities section.