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PhD in Economics

Our doctoral graduates continue to receive offers to join our nation’s leading universities such as Harvard University, University of Wisconsin, Brown University, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, Purchase College, Hillsdale College, Weber State University, Middlebury College, Emory University – among many others. 

Abigail R. Hall

Abigail R. Hall, 2015

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Tampa (Florida)

Professor Abigail Blanco's work focuses on topics surrounding the U.S. military and national defense. She has worked on issues including domestic police militarization, arm sales, weapons as foreign aid and imperialism. Her dissertation research centered on the political economy of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones.

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Liya Palagashvili

Liya Palagashvili, 2015

Assistant Professor of Economics at SUNY-Purchase College (New York)

Professor Palagashvili's research is in law and economics, political economy, development economics, and entrepreneurship. Her current interests are on regulations impacting tech startups, the policy responses to the 2008 financial crisis, and various U.S. labor laws. Professor Palagashvili was recently selected as a Forbes 2016 '30 under 30' in Law and Policy.

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Alexander William Salter

Alexander William Salter, 2014

Assistant Professor of Economics, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University

Dr. Salter's research interests fall into two categories: monetary institutions and policy, and the economics of governance. His goal in monetary research is to discover monetary regimes that maintain macroeconomic stability, but also adhere to the rule of law, and rely on realistic appraisals of the incentives and information confronting market actors and policymakers. His goal in governance research is to discover political regimes in which governors have the information and incentives necessary to promote the welfare of the governed. His perspective on governance is heavily influenced by the Virginia school of political economy, especially the work of James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock, as well as recent work in private governance.

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Daniel  J. Smith

Daniel J. Smith, 2011

Assistant Professor Economics, Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy, Troy University

Professor Smith's research primarily focuses on studying the institutions that emerge to foster economic and social cooperation between socially distant, or even hostile, groups. He is a Book Review Editor for the Review of Austrian Economics.

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Abdiweli Mohamed Ali

Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, 2000

Associate Professor of Economics, Niagara University (Buffalo, NY)

Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali served as Prime Minister of Somalia, June 2011 to October 2012. On January 8, 2014, he was elected the 5th President of Puntland, a region in northeastern Somalia.

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