Jobs and Internship Opportunities Undergraduates

This page is for any job or internship opportunities that the Economics Department may hear about. For information about recieving academic credit for an internship, please visit Internships for Credit page.


Our students find private-sector jobs in banking, insurance, real estate, marketing, data management, budgeting, general management, sales, and in the Northern Virginia high-tech industries. Our students have been hired by government employers like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fannie Mae, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  Many of our students have found jobs as research assistants with the major accounting firms in the area, such as Pricewaterhouse, ICF Kaiser, and Booz Allen & Hamilton. Others work for international organizations, such as the World Bank, or the many nongovernmental organizations also in the area. Some of our graduates are entrepreneurs and run their own businesses.

Compare starting salaries in economics with those of other disciplines and check out the jobs and links below.

Some organizations have a special interest in our students. Check their websites regularly.