For Prospective Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in programs in the Department of Economics at George Mason University. We invite all prospective students to learn about the vitality of the department, its faculty and students, and its programs by exploring the pages of the department website.

The Economics Department at George Mason University is best known for its innovative curriculum and emphasis on public choice, public finance, constitutional political economy, institutional economics, experimental economics and Austrian economics. We also offer strong programs in industrial organization, monetary and financial economics, law and economics, and international political economy. We offer a strong core of courses in applied economics. Our faculty also apply economic theory to a wide range of allied disciplines, including political science, philosophy, sociology, history and classics.

The Department of Economics has graduated many successful economists who are employed throughout the worlds of academia, business, philanthropy, and government.

This page provides important information for all prospective students, but it is particularly relevant to graduate students. When you are ready to apply to a graduate program in economics, the webpage How to Apply (see below) will guide you through the process.

To Request Information

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