PhD in Economics

Our doctoral students have opportunities to teach undergraduate classes, conduct research both independently and in collaboration with faculty, and attend conferences. Check out our Job Market Candidates tab to read about more of our doctoral students.

Bryan Cutsinger

Bryan Cutsinger, 2019

Curiosity sparked this scholar’s passion for economics, now through teaching opportunities he has had the opportunity to show economic reasoning to others.

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Shuwen Li

Shuwen Li, 2018

Working closely with one of the research centers at Mason, Shuwen Li has immersed herself in several economic experiments.

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Ennio Piano

Ennio Piano, 2019

Furthering his research interests, third year economics doctoral student, Ennio Piano, is taking advantage of every opportunity.

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Jian Song

Jian Song, 2022

Applying her quantitative skills to economic thinking, Jian Song has been actively involved in solving economic problems through experiments.

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Paola Suarez

Paola Suarez, 2018

Finding guidance from her professors, Paola Suarez has worked closely with faculty to further her research interests.

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Kaitlyn Woltz

Kaitlyn Woltz, 2020

Interested in Austrian economics, Kaitlyn Woltz is able to interact with the leading scholars in the field progressing her development as a scholar.

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