MA in Economics

Victoria Pryor

Victoria Pryor

Victoria Pryor is a student in George Mason University’s Master of Arts in Economics program. Prior to attending George Mason, Victoria attended Louisiana State University where she studied Economics.

The large size of the Economics program greatly appealed to Victoria because of the resources available including the variety of courses offered. With a large variety of courses offered she knew she would be able to tailor the program to what her interests were.

Mason’s Arlington campus was another aspect of the university that Victoria liked. The Arlington campus’ proximity to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area allowed her to participate in the program and keep a full-time job as a congressional staffer. Mason’s vast alumni network within the area and the federal government was another component about the university that appealed to Victoria.

Since being at Mason, Victoria has explored her interests through various research opportunities. Alongside a Mercatus scholar, Victoria performed quantitative research on the cumulative regulatory burdens of safety regulations in the railroad industry with the use of econometric analysis and utilization of RegData. She worked with Mercatus scholars on the healthcare freedom index reports, which are based on specific state health policies. Additionally, Victoria performed research collection on topics of trade, immigration, and globalization.

Currently, Victoria is a Legislative Correspondent for a congressman. After the completion of her degree, she hopes to continue developing in her role and possibly pursue a role as policy advisor or as an economist for a congressional committee.

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